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My wife and I started with cats and dogs.  Then came three beautiful children, now all grown up.  During this time, I also added miniature horses, a sheep, a goat, chickens, pigeons, rabbits, ducks, and pigs.  I know we're not a real farm but most people call it a farm because we have a bunch of animals.  We love to interact with the animals and to also watch the interactions between different animals.   I do, in fact, borrow some of the animals for photo shoots. 

I like to share my animals with children and to see the amazement and excitement on their little faces.  In our modern lives, children don't get to see many different kinds of animals.  I invite you to bring the children out to see the animals.  You can even bring old bread or produce, as nothing will go to waste.  I'd be pleased for you to feed them.  Saturday is the only day I have available right now, but call me first to let me know you'll be coming.  You are not obligated to take pictures or for anything else.  Just come out for your children's sake.  It'll be fun!

See you soon, John

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John's House


Professional photography studio.  $29.95 Special: 2-8x10's, 4-5x7's, 4-3½x5's, 16 wallets. Serving the Tri-Cities and Dinwiddie County.